"Beacon can help enterprise IoT customers optimize their IoT spend."

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Cellular IoT Experts.

Beacon Pricing Advisors is the only Telecom Expense Management firm specializing in cellular IoT costs.  Our team previously worked for a global Telecom Carrier, but now helps Cellular IoT/M2M customers reduce spend through lowered service rates, Carrier subsidies, and optimized billing structures.
Do you have an IoT contract with one of these Carriers?   If so, we will quickly identify and remove your cellular IoT cost disadvantages in the rapidly changing IoT market.
We offer a free assessment that will either verify your current IoT pricing as appropriate, or reveal an opportunity for us to help lower your IoT spend.

Impactful Results.


Initial Assessments in which cost saving opportunities are identified


Reduction in monthly Cellular IoT service costs for recent Beacon client


Average monthly cost savings identified across all Beacon clients

Pricing Guidance

We will compare your pricing to relevant industry benchmarks and propose a revised, competitive rate that your business deserves.

Data Plan Advisory

Beacon can help establish a data plan pricing structure--that considers your specific use-case and forecast-- to optimize IoT spend.

Subsidy Identification

Our team will evaluate your current hardware pricing terms and define price-reduction opportunities through credits and subsidies.

Contract Negotiation

Beacon will provide real-time, iterative advisory services during Carrier negotiations so that you have expert input all the way to contract signing.

IoT Cost Optimization.

Beacon Pricing Advisors assesses your current IoT use-cases and existing Carrier contract(s), then identifies your specific IoT cost reduction opportunities. We then help you negotiate amended terms with your Carrier.
We leverage a vast network of professionals with expertise in cellular IoT Sales, Contracting, and Finance.  This collective knowledge enables us to create a detailed Cost Optimization Plan specific to your business.
We know cellular IoT Pricing trends--across all segments and use cases--better than any other Telecom Consulting or TEM firm in North America.  Period.

Narrow Scope.

Broad Savings.

Beacon Pricing Advisors maintains a very specialized service offering: Reducing cellular IoT spend.  Our precise scope allows us to offer a very efficient, focused engagement model.
Our process is simple.  Our engagements are brief.  But the value we provide will improve your IoT margins for years to come.

Simple Process

  • Minimal data required to begin engagement
  • Minimal time commitment
  • No on-site Consultant teams

Win/Win Fee Structure

Brief Engagement, Lasting Impact

  • Free initial Pricing Assessment
  • Fees based on cost-savings
  • No long-term service commitment
  • Free Assessment: 1 week
  • Deliverable: 2 - 4 weeks
  • Savings: Over the lifespan of your current and future connected devices

Let's Begin.

We want to help you get the best cellular IoT pricing possible.  Allow us to conduct a risk-free assessment of your current IoT Carrier agreement.
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