Case Study:

Beacon Client Receives the Lowest 1MB Rate Beacon Has Ever Seen 

The situation

"We plan on launching millions of devices; shaving a few pennies off of the monthly rate can mean huge savings year-over-year."

- Client Procurement Lead

  • Client is a Global Medical Device company

  • Engaged in RFP for worldwide connectivity across current and future products

  • Over 1 million connected devices in scope

  • Devices require 1MB of data each month

"Carriers propose various pricing structures, making it difficult for our Clients to compare apples-to-apples; we're able to quantify and compare total cost of ownership so the Client can make more educated decisions."  

Spencer Freeman

President, Beacon Pricing Advisors

What Beacon did...

"The Client's volume and use-case demanded precedent-setting rates from the Carriers...and that's what we got!"

- Spencer Freeman

  Beacon Pricing Advisors

  • Beacon provided benchmark and negotiating guidance for the Client as the prepared for the RFP process

  • Also provided input at each round of the negotiating process

  • Beacon quantified various pricing structures and rate proposals from Carriers, and identified options for the Client's lowest cost-of-ownership

  • Beacon was ultimately able to help Client negotiate the lowest 1MB rate Beacon has ever seen in the IoT space


Record Low

The lowest 1MB pricing ever seen by Beacon

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