Case Study:

Beacon Negotiates Carrier's Proposed IoT Data Plan Rate From $4 to $1

The situation

"The price for [preferred Carrier's] coverage is cost-prohibitive for the technology we want to Productize."

- Client VP of Product Management

  • Client provides monitoring services for ATM machines

  • Hopes to expand product portfolio, primarily using Cellular IoT coverage

  • Beacon was hired to facilitate IoT proposals from multiple Telecom Carriers and lead pricing negotiations

  • Preferred Carrier originally quoted $4 for the primary data plan needed by Client

"Carriers typically propose 'standard' pricing, hoping the customer will bite. Beacon not only knows what 'fair' rates are, but also how to push Carriers to approve those more appropriate prices."  

Spencer Freeman

President, Beacon Pricing Advisors

What Beacon did...

"The Carrier was quick to drop their initial pricing once they discovered that Beacon knew the current, competitive IoT market rates."

- Spencer Freeman

  Beacon Pricing Advisors

  • Beacon facilitated meetings between various Carriers and Client, so that Carriers had enough information to present their respective IoT pricing proposals

  • The Client's preferred Carrier presented a price of $4 per-device, per-month for IoT services

  • Beacon used its market knowledge to push back on the Carrier, expressing a need to have a more competitive price of ~$1

  • Beacon was ultimately able to negotiate the Carrier's terms from $4 to $1--a 75% reduction



Final Carrier pricing proposal is 75% less than their original quote

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