Case Study:

Beacon Client Receives the Lowest 25MB Rate Beacon Has Ever Seen 

The situation

"Connectivity is a substantial part of our product's cost; therefore minimizing data rates goes a long way in realizing profitability."

- Client VP of Product Development

  • Global Asset Management company servicing the Banking and Gaming industries

  • Assessing long-term Carrier partnerships for company's IoT Product Strategy

  • Devices require 20-25MB of data each month

  • Received various pricing structures and data rates from initial Carrier proposals

"During a Carrier selection or RFP process, it's hard for some IoT Customers to compare Carrier services/pricing given their various rate structures and geographical capabilities. Beacon is able to calculate and compare total-cost-of-ownership so our Clients can make the most cost-effective decision."  

Spencer Freeman

President, Beacon Pricing Advisors

What Beacon did...

"We were very pleased to tell our Client that their monthly costs for 25MB is the lowest Beacon has ever seen!"

- Spencer Freeman

  Beacon Pricing Advisors

  • Beacon provided benchmark and negotiating guidance for the Client as they initiated the Carrier Selection process

  • Also provided input at each round of the negotiating process

  • Beacon quantified various pricing structures and rate proposals from Carriers, and identified options for the Client's lowest cost-of-ownership

  • Beacon was ultimately able to help Client negotiate the lowest 25MB rate Beacon has ever seen in the IoT space


Record Low

The lowest 25MB pricing ever seen by Beacon

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