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Beacon Pricing Advisors offers a free Pricing Assessment to help Cellular IoT customers determine if they have opportunities for better data rates.

To initiate your Assessment, please complete each field in this form and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  You will receive feedback from our team within 48 hours of submission.

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All of the information shared with Beacon Pricing Advisors will be protected as if it was our own.  We will not share or disclose any of your company’s information, and will use it only for the purposes of providing you an initial evaluation of your company's IoT spend. 

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Current Pricing Structure

How does your Telecom Carrier currently charge you for Cellular IoT service?

Pay-As-You-Go would feature a monthly Access Fee for each device, then an account-level $/GB; while Pooled Plans provide each device with a set amount of data, and charge overage (common for AT&T service).

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing (If Applicable)
Skip to next question if you have Per-Device, Pooled Plans

Pay-As-You-Go is most typical with Verizon. Each device pays a monthly "Access Fee" just to be connected to the network, then the account is charged at a $/GB rate, often tiered based on the customer's total data usage.  Please enter your current $/GB rate.

Primary Use-Case

The next few sections ask for usage and pricing details at the "Use-Case" level.  For instance, if your company has some devices that require 1MB of data per month, while others require 500MB per month, then you have two separate use-cases (one at 1MB and one for 500MB).  Plan Size and Plan Price fields are only applicable for Per-Device, Pooled pricing structures.

Use-Case #2 (If Applicable)
Use-Case #3 (If Applicable)

Please contact us if you have additional use-cases you need assessed.

Monthly Net Adds

Approximately how many new devices do you activate each month?

Stickiness - Current Units
How Easy to Switch Carriers for CURRENT Devices?Very EasyEasyModerate/Don't KnowDifficultVery DifficultHow Easy to Switch Carriers for CURRENT Devices?

How easy or hard is it to move CURRENT units from one Carrier to another?  Consider operational and financial costs.

Stickiness - Future Units
How Easy to Switch Carriers for FUTURE Devices?Very EasyEasyModerate/Don't KnowDifficultVery DifficultHow Easy to Switch Carriers for FUTURE Devices?

How easy or hard is it to move FUTURE units from one Carrier to another?  In other words, for every new activation, can you easily pick the Carrier or are you tied to one specific Carrier?

International Coverage

North America

Please enter the % allocation of devices deployed globally.  Figures must add up to 100%.

South America

Asia / Australia



International Pricing

In general, is your International pricing more expense, less expensive, or the same as your North American pricing?

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