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How Do Your Carrier's IoT Rates Stack Up?

Carrier Pricing Variance for
1MB IoT Data Plan
Entry-Level Pricing
Best-in-Class Pricing
Best-in-Class Pricing
Where do your rates fall?

NOTE:  Beacon Pricing Advisors analysis based on industry experience, client data, and published Carrier rates

There is Extreme Variability in Carriers' IoT Pricing.

Our experience continues to reveal a extreme variability in the Cellular IoT rates offered by Carriers to our Clients and other IoT Customers.
In many instances, we will see companies with much larger device volumes pay MORE for IoT coverage than their smaller competitors, simply because they have an outdated contract and are not educated on current market rates.
But for the first time, Customers now have access to pricing benchmarks that allow them to gauge how their Carrier rates compare to the broader market. 
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NOTE:  Benchmark figures are based on Beacon's industry experience, Beacon Client information, and publicly available Carrier data.

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Introducing Cellular IoT Data Plan Pricing Benchmarks

Each report contains:
  • Explanation of forces behind pricing variability
  • Comparison of various Carrier pricing structures
  • Detailed pricing benchmarks for Carrier IoT data plan services, categorized into four segments:
    • Entry​-Level 
    • Competitive
    • Very Competitive
    • Best-in-Class
  • Pricing Segment definitions
  • Pricing Segment distribution across IoT Customer Base​
Each report answers the following questions:
  • Are my company's IoT rates higher than the market's current "Entry-Level" rates (i.e., are we paying outdated rates)?
  • Are my company's rates in-line with the broader market given our volume and use-case (i.e., are our rates fair)? 
  • What rates do Carriers charge their largest customers (i.e., how low are Carriers willing to go for large opportunities)?

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Beacon Client Receives Record Low Rate for 25MB Plan
Beacon Client Lowers Monthly IoT Costs by 60%
Beacon Client Receives Record Low Rate for 1MB Plan

We Are the Only Expense Management Firm Specializing in Cellular IoT.

Beacon Pricing Advisors is the only Telecom Expense Management (TEM) firm specializing in Cellular IoT cost-reduction.  With Cellular IoT rates varying dramatically across the IoT landscape, we help our Clients target fair rates, and negotiate directly with Telecom Carriers--on behalf of our Client--to achieve those preferred IoT contract terms.
Here are just a few examples of the value we've provided our Clients.
Beacon Negotiates Carrier's Service
Rate From $4 to $1